Reviews for "Knight v0.5"

It's not very good but

I can see where your going. continue this so you can have a good game becaause this has potential.


Yeah im going to give you a 10 for overall and a 5, just because i like knights no matter what thats why i bought a sword. This game needs some work though. I didn't play the whole way through but from what i did this is my suggestions

1)When fighting, have sprites move and attack not a sword fly in and hit

2) Diffrent items, armor and weapons

3)Diffrent choices during an interface, magic, run, attack, item, ect

Well thats about it, really cool idea, but needs some work. Keep it up


Needs A LOT of work, for example i was all like arrggghhh pixels kill them when i saw your sprites, but hey its v0.5
hopefully when you finish it it will be a lot better, when you do let me know i look forward to wasting precious study time playing it

Nice work and nice taste in music Kornman!!!

great but needs work

looks like it would be an awesome game, but it needs tons of work.
Keep at it!


You need to put in the other stuff but other wise it was ok