Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"


its a good time killer but it could use better graphics


i think u should have had better grafics, more guns, made it multiplayer, no gameover after u die, made the coms harder and dont die so easy, what GrandMasterMusicMan said, online play, and customize character(because that would be awsome). Also mabye have options to pick the difficalty of the enemy. That would be the best flash game in the planet!


Its ok though, but there should be online play to make it more better.


its alwright need more fixing in shooting and gun also need be more than 1-D

there should be online play.

if your gonna make a flash version of Halo's multiplayer at least include some online play. but thats not the only thing thats wrong with the game, the gameplay is really boring and there are only 2 of you guys but like 3 of them. another thing is that you have to be close enough to shoot them, like if my enemy was at the end of the screen and I'd try to shoot him down my bullets would just stop so I have to move closer.