Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

Its ok.

It's slow but I like how you made them talk.

The most repetative game I've ever played

This game is so boring, it's unbeleivable.

Gameplay: Incredibly dull and repetative. You slowly run to one end of the feild, shooting down the moronic enemies who don't shoot unless they are at point blank (then again, with the slow jumping and lack of an aiming system or duck ability, making them smarter would make this game impossible) with a battle riffle, the only gun in the game. Not that it would matter if there were other guns, the enemies all die in one hit. They then respawn in completely random places (including the middle of your base) and basically make the going even slower.

Graphics: This game suffers from some of the worse animations I have ever seen (in fact, the only character animation is the running, and that only has 2 frames). The backround is reletively well done, but looking at it gets boring quickly.

Music: A highly repetative track that just keeps going and going until the end of the tedious match.

Overall: This is a boring game with almost no action at all. A few simple adjustments could be made to make this game better (Aiming system, ducking, and maps that aren't completely flat), but it's too late now. I just hope the sequel takes these things into consideration


This game is truly a disgrace to halo. The people spawn right behinf you when you kill them and the bullets go through the enemies constantly. If you fixed the spawn of the enemies and made a better hit detection system, then this game wouildn't play like it is broken.

a bit lame...and slow

yaaaaawwwnnn... i've seen this b-for


That was ok.
but the game, i didnt know what the mission was and the graphics was