Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

(Not) Good

Way to easy. You can win by just standing on the field and all the guys u see.
But it has great potentail i think you should have multiple weapons.

My complaint is that you couldn't get in the warthog. It was still fun


it was pretty boring and had a retarded bug that when ever i got the flag and drove back in a warthog half way i would lose and it would say "now whos going to save the human race genius" and it was retarded, but aside from that it wasnt half bad


hey sorry mon but that stunk. "an old lady" always respawns next to your flag! ALWAYS. i gust say next to my flag and kept firing and killed like 30 old lady
1. at least make enemy respawn at there base.
2. add a couple weapons maybe a grenade, anything
3. the warthog does not even kill anyone unless u run over em.
just fixing and adding a couple stuff this game would be great. it has potential. you can make it an awsome game. good luck on future projects


A little too easy, but fun in a cartoony kind of way. Gernades would've been cool


its really fun, even tho i dont have an x-box :P but anyway great game...
i have a great idea! maby have a lvl were you can get ur team-mate to actually help instead of just sitting there! :P and have an outomatic for one of the wepons, maby a wepon that is slow but really strong ext... have a health bar would be great and be able to change the weppon while playing,...adding an upgrade shop would be great! it would be awsome to command ur units on some lvls if its not much trouble! but just this litle game with one lvl is extremely fun!
so keep on maken em, and well keep on playin em!