Reviews for "Flash Halo: CTF"

i wish you had grenades

it was really easy but addicting. make the AI better and throw in
some grenades and more wepons and a ghost or something and
it'll be a pretty good game

Needs work.

How does the enemy get past you with the flag when you walk from one side to the other? Other than the lack of difficulty it's pretty good.

it has great potential

I mean its really easy and takes no skill now, but it has great potential. For one thing I dind't know how to get out of the Warthog and pushing random buttons didn't help. So basically all you have to do to beat the game is to hold space and walk. . .right then left. Just make the AI better. . . and make the vechicles better. As in just not there to go faster, perhaps the enemies could have vechicles . . . or something. Just needs some tweaking to be grrrrrrr. . .EAT

Oh Ya

Thats What I'm Talking about. the sound is great and it was fun to just play at work when im not able to play. i think it is just a kick ass game

Hey, cool.

Surprisingly boring, though, and how come I can't respawn? The other team respawns like crazy! Also, it's a liiiiiiittle bit too easy, and maybe too slow.

Neat idea, at least! :)

Patchco responds:

heh thanks.