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Reviews for "Grave 2"

O.o *fwap!*

Okay, so you IMed me "Help! My game is about to turn GREEN on the portal!" the horror o.o so I came and played and voted and, what the heck I could just tell you this over aim right now but what's the fun in that? The presentation is VERY unprofessional! Needs alot of work to fix -this- up and then it could probably maybe be really good. The loading screen game has a looong and UGLY intro, then it throws you into the game with no warning or instructions. You need to drop the intro and add a "START" button, maybe let you play around with shooting even before you click go? *nodnod* Then the game itself, well, it was ugly, real ugly! And I never really understood what the green scope thing does, but I did enjoy it! You just need to work on the transition between areas, at one point I was SHOCKED to see your lazyness when instead of walking to the door, the screen flipped over like a coin O.o *fwap!* and some background theme, maybe add some creepy screams but you need music most of all. Something quiet.

Long story short, IMing me only made me try the game, and I'm kinda surprized that I liked it with how ugly it is... Voted in your favor, good luck with that award.

FrostedMuffins responds:

(no comment)

pretty cool.

it was fun and inventive but could use a bit of work on the art / graphics. the gun should move with the target and not just side to side, it bothered me a little, im not sure why.

k thnx. <33 xoxox.

FrostedMuffins responds:

Alright, for the next I'll make it correspond with the x and y corradents (bad spelling)


I guess its allright except it was too easy and I never even used the health refill... Well, if you actually going to make a third grave than I think what you should do is make the zombies a bit faster and LOTS of them, not just 1 at a time. Also, you should put some background music.

Anyway, it still was quite fun so I'll give you an overall of 7.


Wow you're very talanted for your age. As other people probably have said, its a good game but the art isnt so good. It's not too much of a problem, it'll be fine with more practice. Great work.


You are a talented programmer, but you should try to find someone with artistic talent to help you make these. Ask your friends if they can draw and you should be able to make much better games. The three different weapons and space bar ideas were both good. I hope to see more from you.