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Reviews for "Grave 2"

Game's ok...

Graphically it sucks.... And don't say things like: "I'm not an artist, I'm a programmer" That's bullshit. If you put a little more time into the graphics, it would be great. Now I'm wondering if it should be on the Front Page.....

Pretty good

Wow, this was pretty good. I don't usually like Flash based First-Person-Shooters, so I must say that this was impressive. I can't wait for the next one. There wasnt much use for the machine gun, though. If you are ever able to, you can make a website and host on it like a full version of this game, I know I would like to play it.

not bad

o.k. first of all the graphics arent spectacular but you still know wuts goin on so i have no problem with it.second the action has a nice fair pace. third its slightly easy but its still fun any way good job overall. graet game keep up the good work

it was pretty good.

i liked that a lot. it seemed like the shotgun took FOREVER to shoot/reload.i liked it though.


i liked it...it wasn't exactly great, but your grasping the right concept, all you need is some art courses :L