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Reviews for "Grave 2"


Good game it was really good for a shooting game with zombies and stuff. Should defintely been longer though that was a bit of a downer,also maybe some better graphics aswell alot of the pics looked like they had been scribbled in paint. Great game though, also may i suggest maybe more guns?, and differnet fire modes on the assault rifle like single shot and full auto not just burst fire. Great game =)

Looking Foward To Grave 3

Although yes as many others have written it did not have the best graphics, it was well done overall. Personally I think it would have been better with terrorists or something of the sort instead of zombies, but its all good. Once revamped with a few tweaks and improved graphics this game could have good prospects. Sound was fine, although maybe some background music would be nice. I liked the beginning part as it kind of reminded me of silent scope. The space bar thing was also cool, but maybe you could be able to keep it on as long as you like when it has enough power, and have like a battery life that recharges slowly when its off. Overall I liked it. Looking forward to next version if there is going to be one. Very well done for a 13 year old. Congrats for making first page.

Not bad

Not bad at all, for being 13 its easy to see you have talent, unfortunately this isn't front page material, but i like it anyway, keep up the good work.

not bad man

this is not a bad peice of work dude. More story line wouldve been beter but you can only expect so much from someone new to the game. Nice effort man, keep this up and youll be making some really decent shit.

Rasta Dave

Pretty good.

Needs better art and more of a plot. Needs to be longer and us ethe green sight thingy more. If all that can happen, it could be a big game.