Reviews for "DJ ZaneX - Through Infinity"

one of the types of songs i need

this gets your adrenaline pumping, i need stuff like this, great job buddy X3

Energetic ...

You could have a cooling off period in the middle. I've heard some Trance music from others and most of them do this, then it gets the beat going even STRONGER after that, and cools down at the end.

Full of energy, I just can't seem to remember to breathe listening to it, it's very intense. :)

Great song, and here is a joke.

How do you make some one seem alot less important..........................

Put DJ in front of their name, roflcopter. Nah I kid, great song.

fusion-of-flash responds:

heheeeehehehehe THAT SIR ISH NAWT FUNNYH!!!!
Thanks :)

awesome song

this song is great
the tune and beat are just right


oh and the song machts the title you gave it
good job :D

fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks a bunch man :DD

not really a fan of dance/trance

But i do like this one

fusion-of-flash responds:

ok appreciate :D thx!