Reviews for "DJ ZaneX - Through Infinity"

awsome intro

This is really good. nice synth btw :D awsome song i love it, this should be 5.00/5.00 not 4.89/5.00 faved artist/ 5fved/and dowloaded :) this is amazing its brilliant. should be on best tracks ever


fusion-of-flash responds:

Thanks alot man! :D This sorta stuff rly makes my day ^^<3


Sounds like those ending themes to overrated anime shows. They have good taste in sound. Keep it blazing!

fusion-of-flash responds:


Thanks for ur comment :DD

Well then ^^

I thought ill review a couple of your songs since youve reviewed my song ;)
i can hear bij listening to this song your pretty advanced in making songs with
Tho i like trance very much, not just as a genre, but i grew up with it :P
like DJ Johan Gielen(still in trance but he's lagg without Svenson)

if i had to set this in a genre, i would put it in dance :)
becoz your claps/snares/hihats are like 1 loop together
thats not bad tho, and trance can be made in many different ways
its just my opinion ^^

i used to make this kinda songs too youknow,
but since it was like 168-178 bpm, it suddenly became trancecore XD
Not bad for a song, great use of instruments and nice quali too :)
5/5 - 10/10 Great job, keep this up man :)
( if you rly want trance listen this; )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBe0Qt wiWJ0

fusion-of-flash responds:

Hey thanks for the review dude! :D I really enjoyed reading it <3

Ye this is definitely Dance Music tho I prefer to call my work trance because that's what's originally inspires me :)

I also noticed ur from the Netherlands!!! Love ur artists there xD

Cheers Mate :)