Reviews for "Alchemy FX"


Complete Elite techno insanity greatest song ive came across so far (techno wise!) its so great and its just awesome! 100,000,000/10 & 50,000,000,/5 ! wonderful song i would like to hear more!


Compared with the general standard of drum and base songs on Newgrounds this is very good. Its so refreshing to hear a song that, well I suppose suprises is the wrong word to use but, changes so frequently to keep you intrested while still remaing well fitted with the rest of the tune.

I really like how you built the track up, to the point where you think every thing is about to go crazy and heads start exploding from the intesity of the beat, and then added quite a mellow beat yet keeping my intrest ( this type of music isn't usually my thing).

Very nice.


A lovely blend of Drum & Bass, Trance, Electro and Bassline/Fidget House. Great work! A nice solid beat with a lovely bouncey, wobbly basslines and trancey synthwork. My only criticism would be that it's too short!


Keep up the good work!

- DBS x


dat was wicked man, loved it all and the voice that quickly builds it up gives a great feeling with all the quick bouncy basses and leads and the deep background pads and stuff, absolutely loved it,





I like it because drum n bass is my favourite genre! =)