Reviews for "Alchemy FX"

how i can get this music =)??

how i can get this music ='DDDD

i hope not buying :SSS

axeFX responds:

see the floppy disc below the stop button? click that

this is somewhat brilliant

i tell u man out of all the songs on this site u gotta be 1 of my favs i just love how get all the electrical sounds and everythings is something to remember nice work man


This is a great song definetly worth 10/10 and 5/5 keep it up!

Respect The Drum n Bass!

Now, this is something i could listen to for days on end! I used to be a ravehead a few years ago, still somewhat am, and I always liked this stuff as compared to the heavy and nauseous loops that some artists came out with, but I'm really impressed with this one! Props. :)


Nice loop man!