Reviews for "Alchemy FX"


Really great music you have here! The beats are great and the song is really cool. The drums could be better, but keep it up you did great.

awsome beats dude but it needs something more.

i think its an awsome song with lots of techno stuff so keep it up!


Congratulations on making Best of the Week, I enjoyed it so much you get the privlage of being hosted on my YouTube account. Just use your song info and you'll find it I'm sure.

5/5 - 10/10 - YouTube Published

Not bad! :)

Hey there,

Not a bad effort. As far as drum and bass goes its not the right sort of drums. the drum hits you've used sound more suited to a breaks track - Kid Kenobi styles.

Melodically I quite like it. some nice transitions and nice bouncing square synths.

If you made the drums more snappy it would sound a lot better in my opinion. especially the snare. Try layering several snares at varying pitchs on top of each other...Works a treat for me :) I'm waiting for my submission to be "approved" as I'm a noob on Newgrounds..But have a listen to mine when it appears.

pretty good effort though! Keep it up :)


Nice transitions in the song!