Reviews for "Alchemy FX"

Reminds me of Castle Crashers

And I loved the music of that game.
If this were put into a game I think it would fit well into a distorted cyber world or something.


Sooo good.OwO

I love the sound of this I can hear this again and again.


That was cool that new alchemy of yours did wonders keep it up :3


Like the guy said below, goin to my ipod 4gen 16GB ha! Along with the rest of your work sir.

Full Metal Alchemist axeFX style

Just, what to say, awsome, only one word por this piece, awsome.
Really like the way you builded up the beat, the whoooop effects where amazing, and they fitted the song alot!
This is going straight to my iPod Nano 4 genaration 8G
Already have a album made for u, lol epic.
Tobad you deleted some stuff, like Pogo FX, lucky me i download all your songs directly hehe !
Well anyway, enough of this review

Wuffs~ Markjie