Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy 2 (clay)"


this series rocks!

Awsome Claymation.

This claymation is awsome as is your other Lone Warrior episodes... I know how hard claymation is (check mine out) and you pulled this one of flawlessly. The animation was VERY smooth, the sets were well done, and the metal gear solid theme was a nice finishing touch. 5/5 (I'd give you more if possible)

this rocked!

This was really cool! And by the way could u tell me how 2 make really good clay animations like that?

neonfox3 responds:

two words "two years of experience"

Good but...

Don't edit in blood, bullets, etc. that just makes it look very cheesey.

I liked it!

Can't wait for the next in the Lone Warrior Guy series.

Next time work on the sound. The voice sounded a bit odd at times.

All in all, it deserved a much higher score, but that doesnt mean it wasn't great! Keep it up!