Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy 2 (clay)"

LOL cool series!

This is almost better than KNOX!! But KNOX is more humorus and you got acion and little humor. The first one was good to; specaly when the big clay monter camed! Anyhow a great flash and very humorus! I hope you will make more of this, and good luck in the future!

it was ok

it was ok for a clay movie man i was thinking it would of been bad and your hand would of got in the way but you really seem to know how to work the camra in your favor man. you did a good job on this and should be very proud. you have talent with clay man and if you keep up at it you will do fine. Knox should be proud.




wow, nice usage of your imagination... god damn, why can no body who starts out with clay on this site, not come up with an idea other than knox's? knox's content rules because it is great quality... it is original, people like you really piss me off, because when i see (clay) i think, "Yay, i get to see some cool original ideas with clay." but instead it is this same shit. it's almost like you copiers are scared of what people might think of your own content. either be original. or dont submit. simple as that.

so that is why i gave you an overall 0...


neonfox3 responds:

HEY!!! knox has claymations that are random and has hardly any violence!
my movies are all about violence!
let me see...
i use boxes for inside locations
i use white clay with eyes
i animate blood with flash more then clay
and oh yeah..
i use music too!
and if you think that looked anything like knox's movies you are a complete retard!
knox is the best and i wouldn't try to copy him one bit! i wanna be my own person.
P.S. You Suck!

Awesome for clay

i really liked it, this was one really good claymation. a decent plot/story line, and the movie itself was well made. im very glad that you created backgrounds and walls with cardboard, as most people dont use them at all, so it made the movie look a lot more realistic (as in, they were indoors).
also, the animation was very smooth, and there was plenty of violence. the odd spots of blood here and there also made a large difference.
overall i really enjoyed watching it, and i cant wait to see the next episode! keep up the good work.