Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy 2 (clay)"

Very nice.

It was cool how you made blood with flash, and all the animating with clay. The animation was great, the script could be better, but was still pretty good. Good work.

neonfox3 responds:

well it was one of the the first times i actually wrote a script for any of my movies

Soooooo tryhard

This was really well animated, Knox would be proud. But your dialogue is stupid, corny and cliched ad it's all just senseless violence. bang, bang, shoot, shoot, swear, swear, wow, that's supposed to be entertaining? Also, I object to your use of the word 'gay' as a derogatory term, you homophobe.

ha ha ha

Damit boy!
I was crusing around the portal feeling all bad ready to blam and destroy young artists hope's and dream's of ever becoming someting.... But.
Then i saw this movie and I was struck.
The first thing that struck me was how smooth the animation was, and then I saw how detailed the animation was.
And then, and then the voices were great.
And the humour was really my stile. I hade a good laugh when he picked upp the guns, such a great videogame parody..
Hope to see more from U later.

Ah man XD

You put in a cliffhanger!! eh, i'll forgive you though, makes one want to wait for the next movie even more... Great mix-in with the blood... heh.... MGS music

lol on the jokes... good job man, keep up the good work ^^

This movie had class!!!

Nuuuuu dont Blam dis movie!! it had class and for once it wasent stolen!!!