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Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"


Holy shit! That was so well drawn! Dude it was like a cartoon you would see on tv! Damn! keep up the good work!

11 days, no kidding....

This is godlike,
You guys float above (most of) the rest of teh Newground crew.
I anticipate the next one more than the next Star war movie (its not saying a lot, but still...)


That was amazing u better hurry up with the next cuz i have no idea whats going on

Deserves to stay in the top 5

Wow. What can I say. It's a tie between this, Prowlies At The River, and Fallen Angel. I like how you designed every little detail. Like how the characters moved. I can see the effort that was out into this! 11 days! I'm glad that you said "there's more coming and don't expect a lot of answers yet" because I was a little lost. You're gonna be at that #1 spot for a while! Great job!

you are a god among men.

thats all i can say, really. the only thing i did not like about this shows up in the beginning, when she's looking around. before her pupils are in the middle of her eyes, it doesnt look like she has pupils. a small note in an otherwise flawless cartoon. someone should be giving you money to do this for TV. or something.

I give the last three categories zeros only because i don't believe they apply to this flash.