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Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"

Very good

This was a very good flash. Personally the story seemed reminicent of a good old point and click adventure game. The visual style was impressive and the sound was good too. The rabit sounded like the bad guy from the movie "Saw," but that's ok. Can't wait for the story to unfold!


I hate cliffhangers!!! Really nice movie. By the way, wut short story was this made after. Seems really surreal. And i like how it seems to be like a scary twist to Alice in Wonderland. Awesome annimation.


That was awsome! Perfect sound, perfect graphics(the rabbit thingy was wierd:)) and makes you beg for the next series. Amazing. The cloud-inside building thing and the holes were very interesting, i'm thinking it'll soon be explained.....

i love the style. so awesome! :D

the overall feel is just.. creepy. i love it. it kind of has a tim burton-esque feel to it. very very awesome

That wasnt very merry, sir, not at all

MMMM, I like this movie, it wasnt very happy though, so I was dissapointed at the misleading title. But, i still loved it, good show ol' bean! Rather Dashing!