Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"


Eric Droble, you truely are an amazing person. your art is outstanding, and the best style I have seen being used so far.

Everything about this is amazing, though short. The sound was crisp and perfect, I applaud to your amazing skills.

I greatly hope to see more of your work. this definetly desesrves the top 5.


Okay that was wonderful! The backgrounds are really nice, the character designs too, the sound is perfect.. and the moment where Melony looks like to "die", you seem to use the right effects..

You have to keep it up, I know you will ;)
And what he said; I hope you can do it with godspeed :>

Nice shit!

this is one of the best flash toons i've ever seen...
clouds and cars in houses, splitted streets and a bridge trough a house... very nice graphics,and a great atmosphere...
i cant say much to the story,cause it's just the 1st part, but i think the story wil be very cool..
err...the voice of the rabbit wasnt very good, i think the pich was a little too high.
I hope the 2nd part will be online soon!


More! More! I wanna see more! That was just B E A Utiful!

very good

i loved when she collapsed on the floor.very good effects and expertly done