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Reviews for "Merry Melony ep.1"


That wasn't suposed to end! *sob* But seriously. That was amazing! The graphics were phenominal, the sound wqas clear, crisp and well done and the abstract artistic feel was just mind boggeling! I am DEFINITLY! looking forward to 2-10

Oh and the rabbit is offically my fav character

The Suspense builds..

I can't help but wonder what is going to happen it the next episode..Keep it coming.

oh man..

this is awsome i hope u make rhe other one soon i hope the hurricanes won't hurt ya how is it over there

Excellent Eric..

I should have given this a 10, I still can?? Yup, it was 9 and now it's a 10. The effort put in to this piece is worth every point.

Keep it up

Too short

Ok, like the last dude said.. wow. Oh, and FINALLY... its been too long for someone to be able to draw AND have good ideas!! So many ideas, I especially like the rabbit alice in wonderland idea, a very good parallel.

The reason I'm reviewing though is to add that it was too short. Sure it means you'll have to spend longer on each one, and that we'll have to wait longer for each one to come out, but please take this suggestion into serious consideration. Don't throw away that talent even if they could last longer than 3 minutes that would be great :)

^ ^ I was timing it on the second time just to see how long it actually was and suddenly realised why (probably) everything is so messed up. The fact that she gets the message on her mobile is such a brilliant idea, like how things have to be put into familiar context. Brilliant, I can't wait for the next (longer ;p) one