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Reviews for "Type Wild"


MOTZA MOTZA!!!! THIS MOVIE WUZ SHIBBY, hey you know that gy with the text box that sez "Im a Fagrot"? i think i know that kid, he am my frend. TYPE WILD!


Can you tell me where I can find this song? It's too damn catchy for me to pass up. Please, I need it.

antdocevil responds:

Type Wild (both english and japanese) are pretty common on file-sharing networks such as Gnutella or Morpheus. Sometimes you'll find a poor copy, so you might have to download a few copies before you find a good one. Have fun.


Graphics: Pretty simplistic, but still still well-done and almost PERFECTLY synchronized (unlike the Falsh DDR games to date)! Though perhaps you shoulda shrunk the resolution a little more.
Sound: OH YEAH BABY!!! Where'd you get that MP3, I WANT IT!!!!
Interactivity: No actula interactivity, but you don't want any because you're dancing like a maniac!!!
Style: Excellent style.
Violence: None to speak of, yet it's still worth viewing even for violence freaks!
Humor: THIS IS ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! Men singing female parts, hoaxes on par with All yOur base are belong to us, etc.
Overall: Mabye not he morst original thing, but it's still VERY cool and worth watching. Right when you see GWB rotating at the start you know you're in for a ride!

Tee hee! What fun!

This is pretty good stuff! Not as good as the original, of course, but pretty funny nonetheless! Can you come up with more cool stuff like this?

This is up there with Hyakugojyuuichi

So much talent, I cant see how this could have a 1.83 score. No clue. It should be on top I swear. This movie is on the funny level of Hyakugojyuuichi and Lucky Lucky. Do not quit making movies! Please!!