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Reviews for "Type Wild"


Truly original. I like how you add Barry Williams and Peter Boyd in the Japanese Pokemon Rap into this. Who sings the song? I bet she's hot!

TMBG images= instant 5/10

This is great, love the song, love the images, but your inclusion of John Linnell instantly gets this a 10/5. DO MORE OF THESE

shows promise

but it needs to me WAY crazier

Slightly more variation that the pseudo-sequel.

The bit with pong playing and the sky background made interesting diversion for a few seconds, but this still doesn't have enough variation to be that interesting.

Showing the same thing multiple times just isn't interesting. Showing us the same face as before modified to look like its singing just isn't interesting at all the 2nd time.

As I said in the last review, you could have a really good animation of this sort, but you should really use your imagination to throw in more varied pictures.

Instead of having a typewriter pop up repeatedly, maybe change that picture a bit each time. Have a guy using it the 2nd time.

Have that as a symbol and have 2 of them the 3rd time you show it.

Maybe have 10 of them the 4th time you show it.

And have bodies cut up and animated. Dancing, moving, doing more interesting things.

It wouldn't look at all realistic, but it's not supposed to. It would at least add to the humour...

pretty funny

I really loved the fat guy singing havent seen this stuff in a bit. Keep it coming :)