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Reviews for "Type Wild"

Tee hee! What fun!

This is pretty good stuff! Not as good as the original, of course, but pretty funny nonetheless! Can you come up with more cool stuff like this?

Not bad.

I think the last guy to review this was a complete moron because for an inexperienced flasher, this isnt too bad. Even though i thought the 'type wild' was the only funny part, it was decent all around. The only problem was that u fucked up some running jokes real bad and it makes you look like a jackass. Dont take advantage of other peoples animutation victories and fuck them over, like 'a winner is you' or lesko or anything when u dont even understand what is funny about them. Anyway, C-

Another good Animutation

I just can't get enough of these! I'll make one myself soon, maybe... Anyways, loved the song, the video was kinda funny with those running jokes. I don't care if they're stolen jokes or not, they were still funny.

I'm scared

Pretty good movie(way better than anything i could do)...ummm...i think i'll end my review now...ummmmyep!


The white background is too drab, and your rhythm is a bit spastic. Other than that, good. I haven't seen Balki in years. :-) :-) :-)