Reviews for "Type Wild"

Not bad.

I think the last guy to review this was a complete moron because for an inexperienced flasher, this isnt too bad. Even though i thought the 'type wild' was the only funny part, it was decent all around. The only problem was that u fucked up some running jokes real bad and it makes you look like a jackass. Dont take advantage of other peoples animutation victories and fuck them over, like 'a winner is you' or lesko or anything when u dont even understand what is funny about them. Anyway, C-


youre missing the whole point of animutation. the only reason you didn't get a fucking zero is because you used a SAM JAIN ad banner from something awful. that was funny. everything else was complete crap.

what the fuck?????

That was the stupidest shit i have ever seen i mean jesus christ that was retarded......I loved it!!!!i came in my pants just watching that..... oh yeah TYPE WY.....Go dancing COW!!!!!!!

great but....

i propose you update this!! the song is epic sounding (lol), so i would love to see more happening in it!! i mean not alot was happening in this.. its a great song to make a animutation out of.. but i really wanted more in it!!! so please make a remake!!! :D

hehe typer wide...

This is a comment!

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