Reviews for "Taegukgi"


Very impressive. Like the guy before me, make a game. You would compare to the Madness series if this continues. Awesome, man, awesome.


I noticed the "Green vs. Brown" reference... you know... the plastic army men? I cracked up. Great details on the weapons. Now... MAKE A GAME! MAKE A STICK-FIGURE WAR GAME! Full motion, first-person, aim with mouse game. It would take a long time, but FOR THE LOVE OF YOUR SAVIOUR (not mine), DO IT!


Thank god for POWER FUSION!!! U guys always make the best stick fucking animation of all time. U GUYS ARE FUCKING BADASS ARTISTS!!!!!! (mastersamus is my fav)


that was some sweet shit

very... VERY GODLY

You took the sounds from Day of Defeat, Counter-Strike: Source, and many other shooting games i cant recognize and put the actions and simulations into this one flash. Very good work you guys. Make another or add more to this one.