Reviews for "PICONJO's Sorrow 2"

I like the song (>^_^)>

I'll let my ass do the talking

i decided to be generous.

tell me... what the hell is the moral to this? its just zooming out from a person. although the person was drawn well, its just altogether pants.

I understand what kind of flash you intend on making, but things where its just zooming out in a song is utter crap.
Atleast have some more things happening, like he see's this girl and they kiss then some other things happen... just really has to have more things to it.

i gave this a zero

You know why, because you little stupid people using leet language, thinking your so damn cool, FYI wannable hackers use that stupid lanuage.

I would have gaven this a 10 IF you made a action movie, but no u had to make a gay movie about him crying and crappy music.

God your all fags...


Piconjo > Stealth < All

<3 Piconjo
</3 Stealth


Piconj0 I know you are doing teh lying about loving the people.

Stealth > Piconjo