Reviews for "PICONJO's Sorrow 2"

This was ok

I really appreciate the insurgent nature of the Picojo videos. I think that it's what something like this needs to keep it from going too stagnant. I raise my fist in the air and feel the pure <3

What the hell was that?

Dude that seriously was crap, just plain crap... not even decent crap, just crap. It was so terrible I can't even remember my own name. I hope the lord smites you for the crappy video you made.

sorry your sad

hey man i am sorry about you being sad man it sucks but you have friends that care for you and thats all that matters right? your friends and you family. cheer up man i am sure you will feel alot better soon. great animation it was great.

Erm.. What with that background?

Well, i realy love that narutos Wind song. But for the rest... Dude OMG, WTF was that???? I think that u tryed to make something as an epic kiss. But dude, EK had some feelings and stuff, but your flash... its like... dude, its just crap.

Yes, jpegs really Do show talent.

I've watched a couple of your flashes and I'll admit that you definitley have talent. Unfortunatley you seem to want to use it only in the most pathetic way you can. And all that does is make you look like a frustrated little wanker. And I'm sure your penis is 12 ft. long.