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Reviews for "Smeagol Loves Muffins"

ha good job

your almost as good at the smeagel voice as my bands guitarist

SAJNMaster responds:

Thanks :) I try my hardest :)

oh God that was funny

u got good voice techneques (....?)well nyway keep it up

SAJNMaster responds:

Thanks :) I try.


Dude you do a great golum inpression i laughed so hard...its needs animation though not still frame and a bit longer but i voted a 5 for the humor.

SAJNMaster responds:


god help me...........

that was legendary, *wipes tear from eye* i hope it gets through if not, animate it an youll have no trouble=)

SAJNMaster responds:

Thank you. I didn't want to animate it because the still frames work fine. And animating the mouths on pictures just looks cheesey and bleh.

This is a FLASH Portal

Not a lets take a still frame and put some talking with it :(

SAJNMaster responds:

Yes :( Animating the mouths on pictures just looks cheesey. I think the still frames work though, so I did it that way.