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Reviews for "Smeagol Loves Muffins"

oh my god that was some funny shiznit!!

you guys can stop now
oh god....

I don't doubt that three of you's would be sexy.

although the frodo sam gay joke was kind of cliche, it was different with the added Peter Jackson bit.

I think it was fine in slide-show-ness. the way you did the voice of Deagel sounded alot like Sam... and makes me realize a serious parralel between frodo and smeagol... smeagol ended up killing his best friend over the ring, and frodo wasn't too far off from that....

so a stupid (but highly entertaining) short has made me realize some of JRR tolkeins genuis.

way to go.

muffins are good

that was cool need to make more please.


OMG! this is awesome. I'm obbsessed with LOTR and MUFFINS! and the best part is my birthday is in a week and a half and i just know some one is going to give me a muffin. "...Beacsue it's my birthday, and we loves muffins, yes! Love muffins we do! MUFFINS!"
I loved the voices. If thats your voice, you are a really talented VA. I was thoroughly impressed. and i love the fact that you used still frame, otherwise it would have been really corny looking. The still frames has a cool effect. I love it. TWO THUMBS UP!


this is SUPER and if i say a random movie is SUPER you beter beleve it. how did you get pepl to say Muffin insted of ring???