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Reviews for "Smeagol Loves Muffins"


OMG RoFLmAO!!! seriously...

We needs the Muffin!

The Muffin, The Muffin! I love LOTR this is awesome. keep up the good work. i love this flash. excellent voicework to. You sounded exactly like Gollum. The Deagol voice sounded much like Sam from the radio show from the seventies. Perfect. & The Sam & Frodo thing is creepy. my only complaint is it's too short.

Hmm... strange

I thought it was pretty unique. The voices were great. MY MUFFIN! MINE!


The only reason I'm not blamming this piece of trash is the trully great voice work. Good job with that!


I think this is very interesting....very funny, but not much movement. Good voices!