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Reviews for "Smeagol Loves Muffins"

Hee Hee.. muffins...

That was funny! I really liked how well the muffin blended in with the original picture, you couldn't tell that it wasn't supposed to be there!! And the thing with Sam and Frodo ,though a little disgusting, was hilarious!! Great job!! 5/5!!

SAJNMaster responds:

Thanks :)..yeah damn that dirty Frodo and Sam...they should find a room huh?

We loves the muffin!

HAHAHAHA!!!This was some awesome stuff man..Can't believe you have a voice like that...Definitely a good voice lol

SAJNMaster responds:

Thank you very much. :) I can't believe it either sometimes!

Could have been better

The central joke got kinda stale really early on. If not for the exceptional voice work this review would have been lower

SAJNMaster responds:

Thank god for my vocal cords then. :) Thanks for being generous.


You bad Sam! You shall spank him good.

SAJNMaster responds:

That sounds rather...kinky ;)

I think the preloader gave too much away...

I think that this parody's concept was excellent, but it really could of used some animation to go with it. Still, the voice acting really made this piece great, except the guy who did Sam really dragged the other characters down. I mean, come on, the other voice actors filled their roles, but I don't know what that other guy's problem was. Geez.

SAJNMaster responds:

Thanks. I did all the voices, so I guess I dragged my other voices down :p I shall spank myself for my bad Sam! Wait a second >.> <.<