Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

Lol. This song makes me tingle.

Well put together. I like it a lot.

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks Duffany1!!!

very interesting

bringsback the good old days of playing sims on my PC :P

hjcrbass responds:

It's so nice that this loop has gotten compare to background or menu music from great games. I receive your comments as a guide to help me understand what work and what doesn't. So, thanks for writing!!!!
PS - Hopefully 2010 will be a productive year. YES!!!! B)

Really nice.

It makes me feel comfortable and relaxed. But I personally think it would have been better if you had made the music longer.

hjcrbass responds:

Some day I'll do a longer version, with another/more instruments... but don't hold your breath!!!
hahahaha XD

This IS Bossa Nova.

Can't stop since the first time I've heard it!!!
THX a lot~~

hjcrbass responds:

YES!!!! It IS Bossa Nova. What gives the "real feel" bossa is the guitar rhythm. Then the bass rhythm and finally the percussion instruments. Actually, this is how I build this loop. Started with the guitar, then bass, then percussion and finally the electric piano is the frosting with the cherry on top.

"Please hold, your call is very important to us".

But seriuosly.

I really do like this song. To me, this music seems like something I'd listen to while flying in an airplane. Not waiting in an elevator.

hjcrbass responds:

Oh, that's a new one. Airplane music... pretty cool.
Thanks spiritual101.