Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

Nice relaxing loop!

I have already put it on my MP3 (Thanks For That XD)
And it's very short but besides that you are one of my favourite artists!

hjcrbass responds:

Awesome, I hope I do more stuff soon!!!!!


This is awesome! I have been looking for a little track like this to use in a vid, is it alright if I use it? You will recieve credit for it obviously

hjcrbass responds:

Hi Lechimp89,

sorry for the delayed response... Christmas break was crazy. Anyways, YES, of course you can use this track for your vid. As long as you credit my work you will be fine.
Take care!!!

it relax

is short and this the only problem, if you can do the same music more long, that can be great =} if you do my idea post it on newgronds, your stle of music is rare (sorry for the word i'm french^^'')

hjcrbass responds:

A review from a French guy. Awesome!!!
I been getting that a lot, so I'll guess I'll have to do an extended version.
Thank for the review. :)

Haha wow...

This is most definitely not stolen, wow. That sucks man, sorry to hear that people accused you of that. I've even gotten some responses like that to my space reggae song, which is just absolutely bogus. No song that's on top is stolen; it woulda gotten zeroed from the get-go, cmon people!
Now, as for the song...Lol, this is awesome! It's super chill, kinda reminds me of Mario Golf and, most definitely, the Wii menu music. But more than anything, it's like elevator music. Dude, I like it and dig it. The defining thing here is most definitely the electric piano, which makes me feel like I'm chillin on my front porch in the middle of the summer. Great job man, and keep up the good work! =)

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks Mr-jazzman. It's great that you got the relaxing summer feel. It is my intention to make incidental music. I'll soon start to work as a film composer and this loop was a practice run for this type of chill scene. Don't worry about does bad reviews, it actually means it sounds to something good and familiar, in those particular cases, Wii menu music.
Take care!!!


makes me think that i am in a coffee shop

hjcrbass responds:

I like coffee shops!! hahaha :P