Reviews for "bossa nova loop"

Groovy man

Dude you need to let me sample this and make some old skool boom bap hip hop. Fuckin awesome. Blew my brain out of the back of my skull.

May the scat soup pour gold on your testes.

hjcrbass responds:

I think that's a great idea Darkantus.
Sample and scratch to your heart's content. Old School's the SHIT!!!
Gold on my testes, huh?!? Chicks will dig it! hahaha LOL


its good, a little funky, a little smooth, bossa nova describes it well. its definitely a good little loop you got here

hjcrbass responds:

Thanks for the review Lionel738.

ok kinda relaxing

sounds like that music people play when they put u on hold

hjcrbass responds:

Yep it does, doesn't it? I love it when they put you on hold forever, at least some have music others have advertising *super echo effect*.
Thanks for the review jswlfl16.

Everblue 2?

i swear! this sounds like something from everblue 2. thats not bad though, i thought it was cool.

hjcrbass responds:

Hi giantredfrogs,
sorry for my ignorance but I don't know this everblue 2 game. Thanks for the reference.


I love this so much!

What did you make it in?

hjcrbass responds:

LOL kitemonkle,
Believe or not on GarageBand... I tweak every sound so that I feel real ownership of my compositions. Going to upgrade soon to Logic, which is like a version of GarageBand on steroids. XD