Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy (clay)"

I agree with Gonderwood.

If those guys were blue I would have thought they were knoxs. Great job.


That was really good. I like a lot of the stuff Knox does, and I'm glad that your animation isn't the same as his. It's different and still funny. Good job.


That had to be the best unification of clay with LEGOs. Well, it could possibly be the only, but still, that was great. The movement was smooth, the characters looked great, the film quality... well, yeah... I actually forgot about it, tho', I was pulled in so much. Keeps it up!

... oh, you are keeping it up. Goodie!

How Do You Get That Bad Word Bleeper???

How Do You Get That Bad Word Bleeper???

this is really funny

this is probably one of the best movies of clay i've seen