Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy (clay)"

not bad

Well a part from the fact that was like you made this with your webcam , it was funny, of course as funny/good as knox movie, but you'll be better by doing more and more.
If you take pitcures you should have a good camera first (because you can't have a good picture if you don't have a good camera and put them into jpg 100 / 80 (no BMP because it's way too big in ko and not gif because it will look crappy). Maybe your sounds were the origin of your animation size(did you compress it?)
Maybe you'll be a second knox, but with your style ...sounds good!

hope i didn't say rubbish ;) ++

Ps : why don't you just go now to ask him? Instead of waiting an answer from him.


well first i have a question:
1:what did the guy forget?
other then that this flash wasn't so great...


claymations are fine, but cant anyone make a decent clay character? maybe with some features like a hat...or some shoes? Id like to see something new in these claymations, maybe guns and moving bullets through the air, a huge war type, or a re-enactment of normandy invasion but all in clay with bullets whizzing and bombs dropping...theres an idea, give me a line of credit if you do use it though :).