Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy (clay)"

that was great

I a not a huge claymation fan but that was very good. the only thing that bugged me is that its NG, you dont need to f-*beep*-ing bleep the words out. and you recorded too close to ur mic, ive done that many thimes and the loud feedbackish sound is annoying. also some of the cool one-liners sucked. great scene with the 50-cennt tho. never wouldve seen that coming!

neonfox3 responds:

i know its newgrounds but heres a shocker. i dont like to use bad language!!! OMG!!! CRAZY HUH??? i said fffffff.... and then bleeped that. call me a wussy for not cursing but thats just me. anyway thought im glad you liked it


LOL that was good man o_0 i think i saw harry potter poster on your door.......oops........anyway Great Job

Oh For The People who Hate this @#$(**@#$)@#$$@$ he worked for it not to get dissed! Well man Great Job

neonfox3 responds:

i dont like harry potter. that was a Quest 64 poster and i dont like Quest 64 its just the a friend gave the poster to me like 6 or 7 years ago and i never really removed it

i agree with Iamlost

this is funny

That rocked!

I really liked this claymation. I ecspecially liked the funny monster at the end.

three thumbs up.

ff10 rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

all 10s