Reviews for "Lone Warrior Guy (clay)"


This is one of the best clays I've seen in a loooooong time. You did things alot of people haven't done before. The motion was very smooth at most points. The monsters were great and the sound was right on key with the pictures. Action was great, there wasn't any boring parts and I was laughinh out loud. Make more of these and you will be tag teaming with knox. (I prefer this of lots of his stuff though :) shhh...)


LOL that was good man o_0 i think i saw harry potter poster on your door.......oops........anyway Great Job

Oh For The People who Hate this @#$(**@#$)@#$$@$ he worked for it not to get dissed! Well man Great Job

neonfox3 responds:

i dont like harry potter. that was a Quest 64 poster and i dont like Quest 64 its just the a friend gave the poster to me like 6 or 7 years ago and i never really removed it

i agree with Iamlost

this is funny

That rocked!

I really liked this claymation. I ecspecially liked the funny monster at the end.

three thumbs up.

holy s##t great

realy great im making clay to
and the movie was great