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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"

Great game!!!

I really liked this game! I didn't like that there weren't more times when you could talk to the students, and you could never play pong. Please make a sequal!

DAIRYDOG responds:

I'm glad you liked this, but a sequel is unfortunately not going to happen... Sorry pal. :(

sweet man.....

Another good man.....
Hey friend,buddy,pal....since i'm a devoted fan,could u tell me what's the password is & what it's used for?


DAIRYDOG responds:

The password is "scatman". You get it after you beat the game. It shows you the ending. Put it in and try it.

Great teacher

nice game. love it's so cool

DAIRYDOG responds:



Hey u actually made it much better than the one before but i wish u could improve the beatin'up class thing....i was shoving my foot all over da place...Hey,wait am i suppose to do that??!ROFL,good job though....

DAIRYDOG responds:

Thanks lol.


Oh sure ya,over one month has passed and i make a top class of retards and i get a mad vice pricipal after me.....no i'm not complaining bout that ...Lmao,lets make babies??one of my students got a job and the rest jus died cause of cancer lol....good work,keep it up.....

DAIRYDOG responds:

Keep pimping you asian pimp lord.