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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"

x) that ending that turn to a plotwist

"Urumi become a minimum wage store clerk.. And Everybody else died of cancer"

Of course.. (Urumi got IQ of 200+ xD)

Easy as pie. Got an A on first try with 2 days to spare. And that include a little bit of f*cked up in my part.

-All you need to do is Beat the students (that sounded wrong) and ONLY choose the (-5 Motivation, +4 *course name*) every single time and you should be able to get A rank.
-When you stock up to about $100 or more, use "Field Trip" for full efficiency. Don't worry if your Motivation bar still have some points left in it, it can actually go over the limit so you won't be wasting any points. (The first few days, come out of your room in the evening, a student will show up to give you free points if you say positive things).
-When fighting V. Principal, just rapid click the spot of the "Fight" button. Heal up by eat fish later. NOTE: At day 35, try to stock full health and maybe a fish. *Boss Fight Incoming*
-Don't even bother to steal money or play the Arcade, unless you want to risk losing health and having unfair rate of winning. And don't skip any class, then you should rekt this game in no effort.

Its a good game i got an B why this is M?

Nothing Mature here

reminds me of Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) anime & manga... good memories...

Its normal. Just normal