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Reviews for "Great Teacher Onizuka SE"

u r awesome

haven't finished the game yet but u rock just for makeing a game on gto in the first place.

DAIRYDOG responds:

It was the least I could do for GTO.

It was good, and it was really fun!

I got a B in the end, but I don't have my motivation up at the end, and did'ya know that you can go OVER 20 points an everything! ^^

DAIRYDOG responds:

Unless you get an A, you miss out on the hilarious ending. =(

This game got me into the anime!

When I first played this, it was actually the first time I've ever heard of GTO. When I read "based on the anime Great Teacher Onizuka" at the credits (I cheated), I thought "This is from a real anime?" Then I went to check out the anime, and I liked it.

Anyway, I'm not used to this type of gameplay, so at first, I didn't really like it, but now it's not so bad. This game turned out to be interesting. I never got to the end without cheating, but this is just my guess: There are 43 lessons, right? There are 43 episodes of GTO, so I thought "Hm, maybe that game on Newgrounds has 43 lessons, just like the anime."

DAIRYDOG responds:

Nope, actually there are 35 days in the game, though I guess 42 would have been a good idea to match the anime.


i love GTO anime its the greatest. oh and this game ofcouse its off the hook.great stuff.

DAIRYDOG responds:

I love GTO as well. Isn't it wonderful?

Done....with happy(?????) ending

well...i got an A,beat the vice principal,the smartest kids in japan died of cancer.....but at least i got a wife.

DAIRYDOG responds:

What more can you ask for, right?