Reviews for "TSAH"

I am now a beliver...

I really didn't like Halo that much till now... It was great. You should make another. And call it TSAH2: It wasn't over.... Good one man..


that was hilarious! i loved it! but i do have to point this out, Master Chief is NOT a robot, i repeat he is NOT a robot or cyborg, whatever u want to call it. if u read the book "The Fall of Reach" you would learn that he is actually a human, he is simply wearing a suit of armour called MJOLNIR. he is a super-human, bioengineerly enhanced. read the book to understand! just stop calling him a robot/cyborg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IT RULES when Master Chief says yay a mouse!!!!!!!

it it it it it it it it it it it it it it

RULES just like pimp up my warthog

"Master Chief?

...How the hell did you get a PSP?"

Master Chief: "Uh... Look, a unicorn!"

Mr. T: "What foo!"

Just pure hilarity, because by no means did I pee my pants during that crash.