Reviews for "TSAH"

Amazing flash so funny

This is the best halo flash in a long time shadowkalypso your so wrong this is funny and u suck cool flash love it

That was the best just cant get any better.

Ive watched that movie over and over i cant get enough of it i liked the beginning , into the belly of the beast, and the maw parts the best. Make one for Halo 2 i bet that one might be better or maybe not.

just frickin amazing

that was one of the greatest flash movies ive ever seen. Great work i wet myself laughin


Very good, excellent writing.

Best Halo spoof I've seen!

Rubber Ninja ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

hey man, that was awsome. keep making this stuff or i will hunt u down and kill you. well good job anyway (possibly the funniest flash i hav ever seen