Reviews for "TSAH"

I write this psot through the tears of laughter!

Beautiful! Sheer beauty in animation. From start to finish this moving had me sliding out if my chair busting my gut laughing my ass off. It was well thought out, well scripted, well animated and over all was f*cking hillarious.

Keep up the good work!

w00t halo rulez

this flash rockz!
yay a mouse =D lolol.
oh good ur alive lmao
i got halo2 teh day i cum out an completed it the same day, it ownz!

So Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG this is so awesome!

damn good

man this is one good flash! Man this is one of my favorite halo flash movies. 10's everywhere!


This is so COOL!!! this is even funnier then the real halo.
this is good work. Thank god for halo.