Reviews for "TSAH"

the mousey won go fish.

go mousey!mousey rocks!!!mousey jion dark side and die.that was funny and stupid like funny.i would suggest this to my friends.


there is only two words for this THE GREATEST.
God i can't wait for tsah 2


I loved it. That is the best halo parodie yet. I really hope you make one for Halo 2. Also I loved the way you did the master chief's voice and how you did the australian's voice in the first episode. I show this to all of my friends and they always laugh. Keep up the good work.


This is my first review because i just joined and have been a long time fan.

But the great grphics and comedy of this flash made me join.GJ on the flash.MC has never looked so great in a flash vid.

This was just funny and great for a laugh

I really liked the parts with mouse and vader. Can't wait for tsah2 if it out already. This was a great video and make refrences to other games as well if you can.