Reviews for "Stile man Dressup"


hey i liked this dress up...it had alot of stuff to add to the character...i made a pretty sick one a while ago with a spike hand and hes holdind a blue teddy bear and he has horns this is a sweet dress up game...and i think its the best one out there

One of my favorites...

Haha, the person who rated before me is a nut case, AND a retard. First of all sweet heart, 5 year olds shouldn't even be on this site, if they are, chances they are in the kind of family where they already know what the hell a penis and everything else is. Its a cartoon, its not like it porn, get over it.

This was meant to be funny, and yeah, it is gross, but that's what's cool about it. This has always been one of my all time favorite submissions, I've been playing it for a long time now... its so awesome.

Good job, this is really cool.

Oh gross!

Man, these games get a suitable for all rating and there is penises and gross thing and a little 5 year old can come and play it it it would be like "Mummy, what's that?" I mean GROSS!
Who ever made this is a homo, pervert and is gross. shame on them!


I loved this. ^_^
It's awesome!
It made me happy.