Reviews for "Stile man Dressup"

once again

you showed what a genius you are at dress-ups. These aren't even dress-ups, because this is a new genre, different from the more regular dress-ups. It's funny and creepy.


Hmm, I wonder what this is---OMG! A gross wrinkly penis! Lmfao. Funny dressup game. I noticed other people were saying that it shouldn't be rated "Suitable for all" and I KNOW there aren't gonna be little 5 year olds on this site. But still, some people may not enjoy that type of stuff. Just rate it teens or something, so people have a bit of a heads up. (Ew god...heads...up...) Eek =X So, Great game.


Woah, this is a whole new kind of dress up and personally, my fav, hehehe. So fuckin' gross and also so damn cool. Keep'em coming.


I'm a big fan of your arts. I personally enjoyed manipulating the body of the nazerene. Keep em' coming.


Stile kicks ass, funny as hell. This dressup game thing is fuckin awesome. Best there is.