Reviews for "Stile man Dressup"

lol...funny stuff

whuts he supposed to be?..lol...hey atleast it isnt a dress up game with a naked lady this time,sum funny stuff under his clothes,and lots a stuff to dress him up with...a skirt with a saggy ball sac?lol..nice work,u should make a dress up ICP next time,i like that dominator outfit u put in there...lol,next have a better looking penis in there!hey dont think im a gay boy,im obviosly a gurl..

It was pretty good

Thats some sick shit!!!! YOu got some real skillz there keep workin'

stop painting penises

it was good but you really SHOULD jump over all the penises next time!


that was sick. do you get kicks from making sick animations of penises?

I gave style a 10 (stile, getit?)

ah forget it. Pretty freakin cool though. The dress up games you make have to be THE best made, but shouldn't you be putting your great skills to better use now? I want to see MORE of your movies.