Reviews for "Stile man Dressup"

good stuff

this game is a game that i play wen im bored and can be entertained 4 hours. i take pics of the dude and send it 2 my frends. thanks 4 makin it, and ya this game is suitable 4 all ages, all it is is penises and blood and shit like that, it builds character trust me.

Dude, Terrible Rating

Once again, all I see is freakin' penis. Can you make dress-up games NOT involving penis? It's sick!
Second, you've mis-rated another dress-up game. It is NOT for anyone. God forbid (I probably shouldn't be involving God but...) a child could see this! What is your problem with giving innapropriate ratings?
This sucks anyways. Dress-up games like this are...*Sigh* I won't even say anything more. This is just SICK. Although I did take much pleasure in making his balls FALL OFF and giving him bloody holes all over.


What the h***?????


You can turn stile man into stile woman!!

Ok Ok

Its Fun enjoyable but again... NUDITY. It should be Mature. Ok its cool but there should be music.!!